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It is a pleasure to brief you about Honda Assure. We hope that you enjoy many journeys in your car. However, in case of the unfortunate event of damage to your car, all you need to have is insurance that takes care of your claim related hassles and ensuring peace of mind. Fortunately when you buy a Honda Car you also get Honda Assure. Read on to know how Honda Assure can get you peace of mind.

Nearly Cashless Facility Across Country
Does car insurance policy enable you to avail cashless facility at Honda dealer workshops, and that too all across India? In the unfortunate event of an accidental damage a Honda Assure policy ensures that your vehicle is repaired at a Honda Dealer Workshop, and you get cashless repair* facility at any Honda Dealer workshop across the length and breadth of the country. Compulsory excess and depreciation on the parts are charged as per insurance rules depending on cubic capacity and age of the vehicle.

Hassle Free And Transparent Claim Settlement
The claim settlement process in Honda Assure is fair and transparent. Classification of parts and labour rates has been defined clearly. This saves you from the inconvenience of unnecessary negotiations during claims. Your liability will be calculated as per the rules defined under indian Motor Tariff that includes compulsory excess and depreciation based on the age and cubic capacity of the vehicle.

Quality Repairs at Honda Dealer Workshops
No one knows your Honda better than Honda. Which is why Honda Assure makes sure that in the unfortunate event of an accidental damage, your car is attended to at an authorized Honda dealer Workshop. All our modern, Hi-tech workshops are equipped with latest, state-of-the-art equipment and we make sure your car is taken care of only by Honda-trained technicians using Honda genuine spare parts.

Add on Covers
Honda Assure has just the right products for you

  • "Nil Depreciation" Cover - With a little extra premium, you can get rid of the depreciation amount payable at the time of claim.
  • "Return to invoice Value" Cover - Makes sure that in unfortunate event of total loss/constructive total loss or theft of vehicle you get indemnified with the invoice value of the vehicle and not just the Insurec Declared Value (IDV)

Seamless Service
You can avail of all motor insurance service like policy issuance, endorsements, cancellations and refunds at all Honda Dealerships across the country. That saves you the hassle of processing formalities and provides convenience.

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